Dr. Si & Rebecca: A Love Story

Okay, okay, we all know Valentine’s Day can be a little hokey. But it’s about more than stale chocolates and wilting roses, right? It’s a whole day set aside specifically to celebrate love. Who can argue with that? All of us here at Dudley Orthodontics think love is what makes the world go round, especially when we see the daily love story that is Dr. Si and his wife Rebecca in action.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating love by sharing that story with all of you!

Senior Year Sweethearts

Dudley Wedding

Although they’d known each other since seventh grade, it wasn’t until their senior year that Dr. Si finally took the first baby step to wedded bliss by asking Rebecca to homecoming. Unbeknownst to him, she’d been harboring a secret crush on Dr. Si since middle school, and was thrilled to accept his invitation. They were inseparable until after graduation, when they roughed out a long-distance relationship throughout college while Dr. Si moved to California and Rebecca stayed in Seattle, true to her Husky roots.

After four years of phone calls and sporadic visits, Dr. Si made plans to attend dental school in San Francisco and asked Rebecca if she’d like to accompany him. Much like his homecoming invitation, this was answered with an enthusiastic “yes!” After dental school was completed, Dr. Si decided to study orthodontics at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. In between San Francisco and Colorado, these two crazy kids finally tied the knot!

First comes love, then comes marriage….

Anyone who knows anything about love stories can tell you that marriage is just the beginning. Dr. Si and Rebecca welcomed their beautiful daughter Audrey into the world in 2014, and added a second beautiful daughter, Lily, to their family in 2016. They also have a child of the canine variety, a Rottweiler mix named Roxy. Somewhere in the middle of all those life changes, Dr. Si managed to open his own orthodontics practice, and eventually expand that into the two offices we have today, in Issaquah and Kent.

Dudley family

Dudley Orthodontics is currently building a brand new office in Issaquah, and between that and his four girls, he stays extremely busy! Though there might not be much time for late-night dates along the Seattle waterfront anymore, parenting is the chapter of their love story they might love the most so far. Living the dream they’ve each had for so long is proof that happy endings do exist.  And today is the perfect day to celebrate that!


Click below to watch Dr. Si and Rebecca tell their love story in their own words. ♥