When we think of orthodontic treatment for teens, traditional metal braces almost always come to mind.  However, Invisalign can be an excellent option for busy teens who might already feel self-conscious about their teeth.

Fits Your Busy Lives

Invisalign for Teens at Dudley Smiles in Kent and IssaquahBecause you receive several Invisalign aligners at each appointment, there are fewer appointments required than for traditional braces.  On top of that, there are no emergency appointments to handle broken brackets or wires!

Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Because Invisalign aligners are completely smooth and removable, they’re perfect for teens who play sports or certain instruments.  Unlike traditional braces, aligners can be temporarily removed for band practice or replaced with a traditional mouthguard for that lacrosse game.

Flexible and Invisible

Let’s be honest, your teen might already be feeling self-conscious about their teeth!  Invisalign allows them to straighten their smile without drawing attention to the treatment.  Additionally, being able to remove the clear aligners means no off-limit foods.  And who really wants to manage their teen’s movie popcorn consumption?


You might think that Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces, but that’s typically not the case!  Every patient and their custom treatment plan are different, but Invisalign is usually comparable in price to traditional braces and covered by most dental insurance plans.   Interested in Invisalign for your teen? Call us at the Kent office at 253-852-7331 or at the Issaquah office at 425-404-2350.

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