The Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

Today at Dudley Smiles, we want to tell you all about the two-phase treatment. This specialized orthodontic approach can set the stage for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Let’s dive into understanding this treatment, its benefits, and how it could be the key to gifting your child a confident, radiant smile.

What Is Two-Phase Treatment?

The treatment is appropriately named “two-phase” because it consists of two distinct stages. 

Phase One, also known as the early treatment, typically begins while a child still has most of their baby teeth. This phase aims to correct any significant problems affecting the jaw’s growth and development, ensuring enough space for the permanent teeth to come in straight. 

Phase Two starts a few years later once all the permanent teeth have erupted, typically around the early teenage years. This phase involves placing full upper and lower braces to perfect the tooth alignment and bite.

It’s important to note that not every child or orthodontic issue requires two-phase treatment. But if recommended, it can set the stage for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Does My Child Need Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-phase treatment is reserved for children who start orthodontic care between the ages of seven and ten. In fact, for best results, the American Association of Orthodontics encourages parents and guardians to bring children to their first orthodontic appointment by age seven. Why are younger children the best candidates for two-phase treatment? Because this is a time of significant growth and development, making it an ideal window to address specific orthodontic issues. However, it’s important to remember that every child is unique, and the need for two-phase treatment depends on their unique bite needs.

What types of orthodontic issues need to be addressed by two-phase orthodontic treatment? The answer includes a wide range of conditions. For instance, two-phase treatment could be beneficial if your child has an underbite, crossbite, overcrowding, or spacing issues. It’s also helpful in correcting harmful oral habits that can affect the jaw’s development, like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Other red flags you might notice in your child are speech impediments, protruding front teeth, or teeth that don’t come together correctly when your child closes their upper and lower jaws.

Dr. Dudley can help you determine if your child qualifies for orthodontic care and will create a treatment plan for your child if necessary.

Dudley Smiles shares the benefits of two-phase treatment and how it could be the key to gifting your child a confident, radiant smile.

The Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

There are a few potential benefits. Let’s check some common ones out.

  • Improved Facial Symmetry: One of the benefits of two-phase treatment is its ability to guide the jaw’s growth, leading to improved facial symmetry. This transformation enhances your child’s natural beauty and ensures proper jaw function.
  • Prevention of More Serious Problems: Early intervention with two-phase treatment can prevent more serious orthodontic issues. By addressing potential problems early, we can save your child from needing more invasive treatments like surgery in the future.
  • Reduced Treatment Time in the Second Phase: Because we tackle significant issues in phase one, your child can finish phase two quicker than if they had skipped phase one. Faster overall treatment time means less time wearing braces during those crucial teenage years.
  • Increased Effectiveness of Treatment: Two-phase treatment can make the second phase more effective. Braces or aligners can do their job more efficiently with major issues already corrected in phase one, so your child will not be as uncomfortable in phase two.
  • Prevention of Tooth Extractions: By guiding the jaw’s growth and aligning the teeth early, two-phase treatment can often prevent the need for tooth extractions. That’s a win for everyone!
  • Improved Oral Health: Correcting alignment issues early on in life can make it easier for your child to develop and maintain good oral hygiene, improving their oral health and setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles.
  • Boost in Self-Esteem: Last but certainly not least, having straighter, healthier teeth and a more balanced facial appearance can give your child a significant boost in self-esteem that makes it easier for them to connect with others and feel confident in their abilities throughout their life.

These are just some benefits you and your child can look forward to! 

Dudley Smiles shares the benefits of two-phase treatment and how it could be the key to gifting your child a confident, radiant smile.

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Choosing an orthodontist for your child’s two-phase treatment is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. You should be picky when choosing an orthodontist for your child. You want someone like Dr. Dudley, with the expertise, experience, and genuine commitment to patient care necessary for a pleasant treatment journey and stunning results.
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