Valentine’s Braces

We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go by without declaring our love for braces and our patients, so if you’ve been thinking about getting braces for you or your significant other there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to begin your smile’s journey! We know that confident smiles and straight teeth make us all more loveable, and that’s why here at Dudley Smiles we find this orthodontic specialty around the day of love to be especially embraceable! We just can’t get enough of braces and here’s why:

Customize Your Heart Out!

The ability to change your bracket and rubber band colors to suit your mood is just one of the perks orthodontic braces offer. Kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day by dressing up their braces with red, pink, and white for the festive occasion.  For other holidays and school events all year round, they can continually customize their colors!

pink braces

Vibrant or Chill

You can now have clear, tooth coloured braces, or you can completely hide your braces behind your teeth. A rainbow of braces colours are available to brighten up your smile and showcase your adventurous personality! Ceramic braces are the exact same size and shape as metal braces but have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with your teeth. Tooth colored wires are always an option if you’d like your braces to be even less noticeable. Lingual braces work in the same way as traditional metal braces but the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of teeth and completely hidden from view. Choosing colored braces lets everyone know you’re unique. Gold, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink makes a darker skin tone look super nice. Light blue, bronze, and dark purple complement a lighter skin tone. Your teeth appear whiter as an added bonus of choosing darker colors. Come into Dudley Smiles for some bright red braces and let everyone know Cupid has entered your life!

Improve Your Health and Looks with Braces

Even though we know that the first thing you notice after braces is that bright, wide smile,much more than just cosmetic issues are addressed by orthodontics. Dudley Smiles treats many dental and orthodontic problems. One added benefit of braces is better overall oral health. Crooked teeth detract from your appearance and self image—  not to mention making it hard to keep your teeth and gums clean and free from bacteria, which in turn causes bad breath. Periodontal disease and tooth decay are just two of the risks crooked teeth present. Misaligned teeth cause headaches and TMJ syndrome, and the extra stress created by misaligned teeth leads to pains in the back, neck, and shoulder. Improve your oral health for you and your sugarbunch by coming in today!

The Whole World is Getting Braces!

According to a statistic from the American Association of Orthodontists one in five orthodontic patients is now over the age of 21, which means braces are no longer just for teens— if you can believe it! Wanting to feel better about their appearance and understanding the importance of maintaining their health are two of the many reasons adults are choosing to receive treatment. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care and join adults everywhere who know the multiple benefits braces offer them. Treat you and your special someone to braces for Valentine’s Day at Dudley Smiles and boost both of your confidence and fantasticness!

Delicate Delicacies

Having braces during Valentine’s Day is no longer a big deal thanks to the many braces-friendly treats and goodies on the market today! Making sure the most romantic day of the year isn’t ruined by sweets stuck in your orthodontics is easier than ever. Avoiding certain foods is a no brainer after you’ve had braces a while, so you already know toffee, caramels and anything sticky should be avoided like the plague. No one wants to spend the last two hours of their date cleaning out braces. So let Dudley Smiles help you focus on what you can enjoy, and not give a second thought to a sticky and chaotic braces disaster.

Better Nutrition Through Braces

teen smiling with braces

Feeling and looking your best is something we all want. When teeth don’t fit together correctly chewing can become painful because misaligned teeth make chewing difficult.  Certain harder to chew types of food might be avoided altogether and lead to a lack of nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies like anemia can be caused by avoiding tougher foods like meat. Stomach aches and other digestive issues can be caused by inadequate chewing, since the food is passed through the digestive tract without being properly broken down in the mouth first. These types of nutritional and digestive problems can be alleviated by straightening teeth through orthodontic treatment. Look and feel your best this Valentine’s Day by getting the help you need at Dudley Smiles!

A better smile could be just around the corner if you’re in the Seattle area. Nothing would make us happier than talking to you about getting a personal orthodontic treatment with us. Invest in a beautiful and healthy smile for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day at Dudley Smiles!